Our hotel's measures against Covid-19!

Our hotel's measures against Covid-19!

Our hotel's measures against Covid-19!

At our hotel we take strict measures against Covid-19 having in highest priority our health!

It is very important for us that your vacation is carefree, in a safe environment, because the health of all of us is the most important thing we have!


The measures we are taking are the following:

1. We disinfect all air conditioners during check-out, through a certified disinfection company for cooling - heating devices.

2. We disinfect all rooms during check-out, through a certified internal and external disinfection company.

3. During the check-out and after the disinfection of the room has been completed by the disinfection company, the cleaner enters the room safely and cleans all the surfaces of each room, disinfecting it with certified disinfection and cleaning products.

4. All common areas such as stairs, railings, walls and in general as many surfaces as our hotel guests may come in contact with are disinfected daily and very meticulously.

5. The cleaner has completely changed the way the rooms are cleaned, wearing a full body suit, gloves and a disposable mask to protect herself and you.

6. Check-in can be made from 15:00 and Check-out until 11:00 required time for disinfection and cleaning. The time interval between arrival and departure is mandatory to ensure that the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

7. Hands sanitizer is available in all public areas and we kindly ask you to use it for our safety.

8. In our hotel, until recently, the cleaning of the rooms was done on a daily basis. For safety reasons and to reduce the possibility of Covid-19 transmission, cleaning will be done upon request and consultation with you.

9. We change your sheets and towels only when you ask us.

10. We would love to hug and kiss you like every time you visit our hotel. This time it will not happen, respecting the necessary measures and keeping the necessary distances (distance greater than 2 meters).

11. Your Check-in will be done electronically either by visiting our official website or by scanning the QR Code located in our common areas.

12. All keys and cards of our rooms are disinfected.

13. All rooms surfaces are cleaned with a steam device (temperature> 70 C).

14. The owners and the staff of our hotel have attended in a one-week training seminars for security measures against Covid-19 by obtaining an official certificate.


We wish you a good and safe stay, by enjoying your vacation in #Safe_Matala!